Single eyelid bride wedding photo shoot eyes

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Double fold eyelid woman eyes are relatively large, then single edged eyelid, the bride can pat the beautiful big eyes wedding photo?? in fact, there's no way. In this paper, we introduced single edged eyelid bride bigeye wedding photo shoot.

Brides went to shoot wedding can communicate with the make-up artist, make-up technology now is superb. The strengths of single edged eyelid inflicted eyelid is a make-up artist. As long as the use of double fold can be very easy to get, the bride should be based on the length of their eyes to trim the length and width of the double fold, and then directly along the line of the eye to paste the line, so that the eyes can be turned into a good, if there is not satisfied with the next trim, make-up artists will be for the bride to pay attention to these details.

Want to have a bigger, you can use the liner and false eyelashes to modify, as long as the amount of attention to the use of eye liner to grasp, do not draw too thick. And according to a given makeup they have to shoot the wedding style, if the shot is fresh and natural style is not suitable for the eye makeup is drawn too exaggerated.

The bride had single eyelids as long as the attention of good makeup skills, can also be big eyes, the effect is very good. The bride should according to their own personal temperament, and wedding choice to decide what kind of makeup.